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Park Improvements

Play and recreation improvements in Birchwood 


Improvements to Locking Stumps Play Area


 During theP1060070 015LS Play Area 2023P1060070 first few months of 2023 the play area in Locking Stumps underwent a facelift; some new equipment was       installed and some of the older equipment has been refurbished.

 The Town Council worked in partnership with Warrington Borough Council to fund and implement this much needed   improvement to the playground, and it has been nice to see children taking advantage of the new play facilities.



Phased regeneration of play and recreation facilities at Birchwood Forest Park

The new and refurbished play and fitness equipment located at Birchwood Forest Park was formally opened to the public on Sunday, 7th June 2015 during the Birchwood Carnival.

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The Mayor (Cllr Geoff Settle), Cllr Russ Bowden (Borough and Town Councillor), Mr Richard Smith of WREN and Cllr Terry Hearldon (Chair of Birchwood Town Council) all said a few words about the scheme, and the potential future developments within the park, prior to an official ribbon cutting event.

WREN awarded the local community £50,000 towards this project, with Birchwood Town Council, and Warrington Borough Council (the landowner) working in partnership, to provide the remaining capital for this phase of the project.

The first phase of the improvements saw the overgrown areas thinned out, which gave people using the park clearer visibility. This was followed by significant improvement, and enhancement of the existing play equipment, and the installation of some new informal fitness equipment.

Since then, the kickabout pitch, which is located near to the BMX track and skateboard area, has undergone a transformation, into a community, multi-use games facility. This project, which was funded by Birchwood Town Council, is now open.

In addition to the new fencing, goals, play surface, and line markings, the area has benefitted from some new lighting, which enables users to make use of the pitch in the evening.

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