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Information regarding regular waste collections, undertaken by Warrington Borough Council.


Waste Collections

The regular refuse collections of the black, blue, and green bins, are undertaken by Warrington Borough Council. If you have any queries regarding this service, contact the Borough Council; Tel: 01925 443322 or, to find further information on their website, including details of collection dates, and recycling centre opening times, click here.



The following procedure MUST be followed by residents, when placing wheeled bins out for collection.

The majority of people do follow the procedure correctly, but unfortunately, a number of people do not. If you are one of those who do, thank you.

If you do not, then here is a reminder of Warrington Borough Council's procedure, regarding Waste Collections:

  1. Place your wheeled bin out on your normal collection day, or no earlier than 5pm the preceding day.
  2. ALL refuse must be placed inside your wheeled bin.
  3. Do not leave your wheeled bin in a position that will cause obstruction to other highway users or residents.
  4. Return your wheeled bin to your property as soon as possible, after collection has taken place - and no later than the end of your collection day.

You are responsible for the return and storage of your wheeled bins, and the Borough Council is supported in this view, by both the Police, and Fire Service.

Wheeled bins that are left unattended are often targeted in arson attacks, or used in anti social behaviour incidents.

We hope you will see that, any minor inconvenience to yourselves, will be more than outweighed by the increased safety, and improved aesthetics of your local environment.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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