blue emergency lightEmergency Planning

Warrington Borough Council has put together a number of articles relating to what to do in case of a major emergency.

Thankfully, such incidents are rare, and there is a very low risk that you or your family will ever be caught up in such a situation.

However, emergencies can arise with little or no warning. You may be asked to evacuate or to stay in your home. Utility supplies such as gas or electricity could be affected. You may be separated from your family; your children might still be at school, other family members might be at work, out shopping, or visiting friends. The emergency services, Borough Council and utility companies will be at the scene, but they cannot reach everyone straight away.

By following the advice given on Warrington Borough Council's website, you can ensure you are prepared, and know what to do if you were ever caught up in a major emergency.

For further details of what Warrington Borough Council will do in the case of an emergency click on the following link: What the council will do in an emergency | .

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