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Due to the current 'lockdown' conditions, until further notice, meetings will take place online.

The October 2020 Town Council meeting will take place remotely, on 27th October 2020, starting at 6pm.

Log-in details will be posted on our Facebook page, and the website homepage, as soon as they are available.

Log-in details for October 2020 are as follows:

You can also dial into the meeting: 0203 051 2874   Meeting ID: 892 3224 8799   Passcode: 532292


About our Monthly Meetings

The main monthly meetings start at 6pm, and are usually held at Parkers Farm Community Centre, unless otherwise notified.

Members of the public are welcome to attend.  There is an opportunity for visitors to raise any matters of concern during the Public Participation section, which is one of the first items on the monthly agenda. 

Agenda Notices, and a copy of the Clerk's Report, are placed on local notice boards in advance of the meeting. A draft copy of the minutes is emailed to Birchwood Library for reference, which can be accessed on their public computers.

Minutes of Main Meetings and Part I Finance will be published following ratification at the next monthly meeting.

For the October 2020 Town Council Meeting Agenda Notice, click here. This will be published 6 days prior to the meeting.

For the October 2020 Clerk's Report to the Council, and Part I Finance Items to be received/considered at the October meeting, click here. This will be published 6 days prior to the meeting.


Chair's Report 2019-2020

Click here for the Chair's Report 2019-2020 .


Copies of previous minutes are available to download by selecting the relevant month from the list.


Draft Minutes

For the avoidance of doubt, readers are please asked to note the following caveat in relation to the draft minutes published here:

For the sake of topicality, immediacy and relevance, the Town Council publishes here the unapproved draft minutes of the most recent of its meetings. These minutes will not normally be approved until the next meeting of the Town Council, and therefore are not the formal minutes of record.

The minutes published here may contain unintended errors, or inacuracies, and therefore may be subject to correction and amendment at the next meeting.

The Minutes of monthly meetings are in two parts: Main Minutes and Finance Part 1 Minutes.

Click here for the DRAFT September 2020 Council Meeting Minutes. These will be available 6 days prior to the October 2020 meeting.

Click here for the DRAFT September 2020 Part I Finance Meeting Minutes. These will be available 6 days prior to the October 2020 meeting.