Due to the current 'lockdown' conditions, until further notice meetings will take place online.

Log-in details will be posted on our Facebook page, and on the website homepage, as they are available.

There are usually ten or eleven full meetings of the Town Council during a calendar year, which take place at Parkers Farm, Delenty Drive, Birchwood. They are usually held on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except August, and the December when the date may change).  They start at 6.00 pm unless otherwise specified. There is usually no meeting in August as the Council is in Recess.

These meetings are open to the public, with a short period of time put aside for public participation at the beginning of each meeting.

The date of the December meeting, if there is to be one, is confirmed nearer the time. This is because the date of the meeting usually coincides with Christmas week.  The December 2020 meeting will take place on 15th December.

In an election year the Annual Town Meeting, and the May Town Council meeting, may need to be brought forward to take account of any applicable legal requirements. These meetings are usually held on the same evening.

The address for Parkers Farm Community Centre is: Birchwood Town Council, Parkers Farm Community Centre, Delenty Drive, Birchwood, WA3 6AN.

Agenda Notices, and a copy of the Clerk's Report, are placed on local noticeboards in advance of the meeting. A copy is emailed to Birchwood Library.

The Annual Town Meeting is usually held in May of each year, which is an opportunity for residents to raise issues they wish the Town Council to address. At this meeting the outgoing Chair gives their report, which informs residents of actions taken by the Town Counci,l on their behalf, during the last year, as well as any proposed activities for the coming year.  This was cancelled for 2020 due to Covid-19 and on advice from the Cheshire Association of Local Councils.  A Chair's Report has still been published. Click here to view Chair's Annual Report 2019/20.