Additional Services

The Town Council delivers a number of additional 'added value' services in the area.

These are some of the things that we do:

-   Litter picking
-   Emptying waste bins
-   Removing flytipped waste
-   Intermediate grass cuts (in addition to the grass cuts undertaken by the Borough Council)
-   Gritting and removing snow from some main walkways in the winter
-   Cleansing of street name plates and signage
-   Cutting back shrubbery on roadsides to improve sightlines
-   Maintenance on footpaths, ie cutting back shrubs and removing overhanging branches etc
-   Removing graffiti
-   Installation/removal and watering of hanging baskets around the shopping centre (paid for by the landlords)
-   Maintenance of raised planters
-   Other miscellaneous maintenance in the area

The Town Council is also a statutory consultee for planning applications in Birchwood, and represents residents views on matters of local importance.

In our day to day activities, we work alongside other Councils, local housing associations, schools, the shopping centre and local businesses to keep the area clean and safe for all to enjoy.