Bulky Waste Collections


Warrington Borough Council will (currently) take up to three items of waste away for £20 and residents can add an additional two items at a cost of £6.67 per item. They no longer take white goods free of charge. All collections are subject to a charge with no concessions provided. 

Further information regarding the Borough Council’s bulky waste collection service can be found at: www.warrington.gov.uk/info/201079/bins_recycling_and_waste/2264/bulky_waste 

The three community recycling centres are also available for residents to dispose of their waste. For details of their opening times and what can be taken to the centres visit: www.warrington.gov.uk/info/201079/bins_recycling_and_waste/2078/recycling 

The Borough Council can be contacted on 01925 443322 or via their website: www.warrington.gov.uk