Bulky Waste Services


bulky waste


After much discussion Town Council Members have reluctantly decided to cease bulky waste collections, with the last collection date being Wednesday 22nd March 2017.

The cost associated with providing the service; manpower, vehicles costs and disposal outweigh the cost at which the Borough Council can provide a similar service.

Just to give you an example; multiple trips are made to the waste site on each collection day with approximately 12 households visited on around 25 collection days per year. It costs around £180 to dispose of one van load of bulky waste. Tipping charges alone are around £8,000 per annum, which is equivalent to 1.5% of the budget.

The Town Council has considered other options, including charging for collections; however, it would still cost more than it would cost a resident to arrange for the Borough Council to take them.

The Town Council will instead be undertaking some of the grass cutting in Birchwood (on Borough Council land), which will be in addition to the grass cutting schedule that Warrington Borough Council undertakes.

Councillors understand that residents value the bulky waste collection service, however, as grass cutting is an issue that we have received many complaints about over the last few years, but have previously been unable to address, the Town Council believes that diverting available resources to this service, will benefit the majority of the community, in relation to the relatively small number of residents who have benefitted from the use the bulky waste collection service.

Warrington Borough Council will (currently) take up to three items of waste away for £20 and residents can add an additional two items at a cost of £6.67 per item. They will take white goods free of charge. If you receive housing benefit or council tax support you may be entitled to one free collection, of up to three chargeable items, per year.

Further information regarding the Borough Council’s bulky waste collection service can be found at www.warrington.gov.uk/bulky.

The three community recycling centres are also available for residents to dispose of their waste. For details of their opening times and what can be taken to the centres visit: www.warrington.gov.uk/info/201079/bins_recycling_and_waste/2078/recycling

The Borough Council can be contacted on 01925 443322 or via their website: www.warrington.gov.uk