General Maintenance

The Maintenance Team currently consists of a full time Senior Maintenance Operative and five full-time Maintenance Operatives who work extremely hard to keep Birchwood clean, tidy and an attractive area to live in.


What does the Team do?

You will probably have seen the team out and about in the area in our distinctive vans.

The Team undertake a wide variety of tasks including litter picking, landscape maintenance, some footpath gritting in extreme icy conditions, the installation and maintaining the hanging baskets around Birchwood Mall (paid for by the shopping centre), the maintenance of local planters, checking and cleansing several play areas daily, along with various other tasks as they crop up.

As the Town Council does not own any land in Birchwood (with the exception of our car park and a small piece of land adjacent to our office), any landscaping or other maintenance cannot be done without the prior permission of the landowner. The Town Council works in partnership with other local organisations such as Warrington Borough Council and Your Housing Group, which the Team liaise with on a regular basis.

In addition to the two main landowners in the area: Warrington Borough Council and Your Housing, there are also other pockets of land that are owned by organisations such as The Woodland Trust, the Home and Communities Agency, The Diocese of Liverpool and several private landlords - it can be a bit difficult at times trying to find the right landlord to ask for permission to undertake necessary work.

The Maintenance Team have undergone specific training for the work they carry out and this training is undertaken and upated regularly, however, there are some aspects of landscape maintenance they are not trained for, such as cutting down large trees; in cases such as this the landowner would have to arrange to have the work done.

In recent times the role of the Maintenance Operatives has changed significantly in order to pick up some work which is either no longer carried out or which has been cut back significantly by other organisations.

In any given week, the tipper truck usually goes to the waste site twice to tip off. All of this rubbish has been collected from the streets, bins, paths and parks in Birchwood.


Pest Control

Pest control is not a service that the Town Council can offer.

Warrington Borough Council does offer pest control services.  For details of the Borough Council's pest control services, click here.

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