The Town Council receives many requests during a year for assistance with landscaping and clearing of footpaths.

The responsibility for maintenance of this rests with the landowner, however, we are usually able to react fairly quickly to requests to deal with overgrown shrubbery on public land, particularly if it presents a health and safety risk to our residents and visitors to the area.

We work closely with other organisations such as Warrington Borough Council, Your Housing, The Woodland Trust and other local landowners/ landlords to enhance the local area.

To enable them to carry out this work competently, our Maintenance Team Operatives are trained in the use of handheld landscaping equipment and we have the tractor and flail for larger volume work.

There are some jobs that we cannot do which would involve specialist tree felling or cutting back branches from around a street lamp involving the use of a cherry picker, something we simply don't have.


Your Housing Group


Shrub Pruning and Hedge Trimming Programme 2016

All shrubs and hedges located on communal land owned by Your Housing Group (Birchwood) will be pruned/trimmed to the following schedule:

Street Month
Chatfield Drive May
Noble Close June
Ramsey Close June
Layton Close June
Harcourt Close June
Leatham Close June
Mosslands June
Rendlesham Close June
Chaffinch Close June
Whitworth Close June
Spinal Path June
Talbot Close June
Forbes Close June
Heather Close June
Fern Close June
Whitethroat Walk June
Fieldfare Close June
Nightingale Close June
Swallow Close June
Curlew Grove June
Blackcap Walk June
Barham Close June
Nelson Road June
Vanguard Court June
Centurian Close June
Renown Close June
Haliday Close July
Miles Close July
Rawlings Close July
Burrough Close July
Lyster Close July
Redshank Lane July
Partridge Close July
Pheasant Close July
Kingfisher Close July
Wren Close July
Woodpecker Close July
Strawberry Close July
Trefoil Close July
Bracken Close July
Campion Close July
Violet Close July
Pipit Lane July
Mallard Lane July
Teal Grove July
Whinchat Lane July
Goldfinch Lane July
Linnet Grove July
Dunnock Grove July
Redpoll Lane July
Kestral Lane July

After July, all areas will be trimmed again in the same order